What the frock!

“What The Frock! has become the UK's most significant nurturer of female talent, and has meant Bristol now gives female comedians a bigger slice of the action” – The Naked Guide To Bristol, 2015




When “representing the bitches everywhere” is the answer, you can’t help but wonder what the question was.

Luisa Omielan, London’s answer to Sasha Fierce, is a breath of fresh air to the comedy scene. “I’m a stand up comedian, I weigh more than I should, but I flaunt it like I’m a size 10.” Instantly likable, Luisa describes herself as “horrendously insecure with relationships but cocky with her career”. And rightly so, having just added extra dates to her wildly successful show What Would Beyonce Do?

Hampshire born and bred, Luisa went from gigging in Edinburgh with no agent to being a West End sensation. She says: “I gigged as much as I could and never took no for an answer”.

Luisa, whose previous jobs include postwoman and IT worker, has always had a lust for comedy. Influenced by American greats Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin, she uses comedy to vent and express herself: ”I was able to stand up and say, ‘Hello, I am valid, can someone notice me!’”.

Getting noticed definitely worked when a longstanding rhetorical question between friends took on a life of its own. “If I found myself in a odd or difficult situation, I’d say to myself – what would Beyonce do?”. Putting the idea into motion was spurred on by Luisa’s friend, who drew attention to how far removed her life was to Beyonce’s. Living in Farnborough with no job and no money prompted the question “what the fuck am I doing with my life?”. Cue Beyonce super-fan turned stage sensation!

The show is a feel good comedy in which people can identify, validate their experiences and stop suppressing their emotions. “It’s OK to be a bit of a mess. The show allowed me to be that and it’s ironic how being able to be a mess sorted me right out!”, laughs Luisa.

“The show has definitely turned my life around”, proven by her recent move to London. Her older brothers still can’t believe their sister is such a hit, exclaiming, “I can’t believe someone’s paying you to be a knob”. Charming!

Perhaps it’s as a result of this brotherly love and fiercely real friends that Luisa remains grounded and insists her pre-show “diva demands” remain small. “Before shows I have to have a blackcurrant  and Coke, while listening to Feel The Love by Rudimental. I’ve coined the drink ‘The Luisa’.”